Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Goodbye to an Old Friend

Obviously I have been MIA for quite some time. I guess that now I actually have some time to do some blogging and this is as good a time as any to say goodbye to an old friend. About two months ago I traded off my beloved Benjamin Trail NP. I needed a decent 22 rifle and a friend of mine MM, had been trying to get my Benjamin from me since he first shot it (right next to the biggest intersection in the city I live in). MM shot that rifle in broad daylight just outside the store were he works, he then brought it inside and shot it just to see if the rifle was actually as quiet as he thought... it was.

Since MM shot that rifle I had done the trigger job on it I featured on this blog (look up top). I called MM and asked if he had any spare 22 rifles and he did a 1994 black laminated mannlicher stock stainless steel Ruger 10/22. I fell in love with the rifle the moment I saw it. Now we had to talk turkey, MM wanted my rifle and I wanted his, after I swapped him the Benjamin and a Leupold scout scope, he traded me the 10/22 and three bricks of 22 ammo. I was happy, he was happy, everyone won.

I have since taken the 10/22 out and put it through its paces. It now wears a Nikon 4-12 Mildot Prostaff scope and it is dead accurate. MM tells me that the Benjamin has added a few more squirrels to its list of victims, something he is no doubt quite happy about since he lives in a densely populated area of the city. I wish MM the best of luck and hope he loves that rifle as much as I did. For now, I will be enjoying this 10/22.

Oh, I guess I should explain the necessity of the 22. In a nut shell, I have access to one of the greatest plinking spots of all time. It is a fish farm run by a friend, Doc. Doc and I go out and shoot the birds off his ponds at ranges stretching out as far as 400 yards. I considered brining a 308 out but I didn't want the bullets to skip out into God knows where. The 22lr bullets are doing a pretty good job of hitting and plopping down right were they hit. I considered bring out the RWS 48, but 400 yards is about 4 times what that rifle is capable of. So I now own a 22 rifle for the first time in several years. Its a sweet little kit, but it only comes out when we are shooting past 100 yards.


As always, stay safe and keep it classy!


  1. The ruger 10/22 is on my want list. Can't wait to see it. Perhaps after the week of July 4th?

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